Torchio Building


  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Offices
  • Recreational
  • Business Offices
  • Industrial
  • Research

Although the buildings in this category vary greatly by program, type, size and budget one aspect is almost always the same – they are occupied by businesses whose goal is to make a profit. There are several ways the design of a building can enhance the bottom line of a business. It can create an image that is inviting to patrons, showcase their services or products, set them apart from the competition or give a feeling of safety or security. It can be a green building which will reduce operating costs, increase worker productivity, reduce potential liability from indoor air quality problems, enhance building marketability and let customers know the owners are good stewards of the earth. It can help the business operate more efficiently with an intelligent configuration of spaces. It can be designed and built to be affordable today and a value tomorrow. Torchio Architects have helped many businesses improve their bottom line by improving their buildings.